‘ Grand Theft Auto V ‘ Will Be Free from May 15 on Epic Games Store!!

Grand Theft Auto V, has been one of the most successful games ever released for the PC markets ever since it’s release in 2015. There have been a bunch of updates and many “mods” that have made this game better day by day. As of now, the game is available for a price of around $40 at most of the online markets for PC games.
             But however, we’ve been hearing some good news about this since the last few hours. As most of you know, Epic Games store is a platform to buy latest games and also access free to play games for PC. There’s a huge mystery leak from the Epic Games regarding a new game that’s turning free on their store.  Epic Games has been giving out free games on its PC store since it launched, but it’s giving us an unusual amount of hype for whatever is coming tomorrow, May 14, listing it as a “mystery game” and giving us a countdown until when it will be available. It stands to reason it would be something big.
Grand Theft Auto V has a huge online fanbase and player base especially for it’s online mode. This online mode includes several interesting modes like role-play, parkours etc. If this leak about the game going free is real, we can surely see a lot of new mods coming up and the player base for GTA V online peaks up instantly.
However, Epic Games store will be releasing this game for free only from May 15 to May 21 ( one week to be precise ). But if many of you don’t know it yet, if you download a game from the Epic Games store once, you can keep it for free forever which is what makes this a great deal.
But, we can still see Rockstar releasing the retail versions of the game on several digital platforms and ecommerce websites. If the game is set for free, there’ll be lot of refunds on steam and the sales come down to 0 within no time.
What do you think of this deal ? Do you already own GTA V ??
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